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Monday, February 3, 2014

Icy Out, Cozy In

It's been icy lately. It may have snowed a little on Saturday night, but what was left of it soon turned to ice. Outside, the ice coated everything yesterday.

Today, the ice has started to melt, but it still makes everything it coats sparkly.

The sky reflected in the icing on little berries looks like turquoise.

In the pen, little marbles of ice had fallen from the grid of the pen to litter the floor and the bench like hail.

Bow did go outside briefly, but would not stay long. A second outing was out of the question.

It's not really that cold out, it's just that all the ice is daunting. Indoors, everything is much more cozy. Bow likes to look into that laptop camera and admire his image.

How's that for a selfie!


  1. It was icy up in the local mountains because it rained/snow up there a tiny bit Friday. We have been warm here in the city, but today was cold and cloudy, so hoping we finally get more rain.

    1. I hope you get that rain, Julia. School was canceled again for today because they say it will snow, but so far nothing.