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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pictures of Bow Out in the Snow

As if to make me eat my words about how it is hard to find current photos of Bow where the snow is visible, on the very day of my last post -- February 11, 2014, Tuesday -- Bow asked to go out in the afternoon and did some serious sunbathing.

I got quite a few shots of him outside.

In some of the pictures the snow is fairly visible, though Bow's face is not the focus.

In other pictures, we can see Bow's face, but then the snow is just a blurry background whiteness.

In some pictures you can see Leo looking longingly in at Bow, as if he thought being in the pen must be lots more fun than being outside it.

There are plenty of interesting poses and facial expressions, but how many of these photos would be good in a calendar? I am not sure. I will have to number them and offer them as possibilities on our Facebook page.

Yesterday, Lawrence was here with Bow and I ran my errands. And today the snow has been slowly melting. But when Bow went out this morning, it was still quite cold.

Bow went out just long enough to use his outdoor voice in a powerful display. Then, satisfied, he went right back in. Even if it is too cold to stay out,  a short foray into the great outdoors can work wonders!


  1. I had an idea for your calendar to make this into a slash competition/choose the best pictures for calendar. Perhaps you could give people an entry each time select their favorite pose of Bow, which would go towards winning a free calendar. Once all the votes have been tallied, which would also be entries for winning a calendar, you could then select a winner. I might not be explaining it very well, but with the popularity of contests/giveaways, I thought this might be another promotion for the eventual calendar you will be selling.

    1. That's actually a very good idea, Julia, though I am not sure technically how to implement it. Is there some kind of app that does the random drawing from all the entries we accumulate?

    2. Rafflecopter does randomize entries, but not exactly for the way I was explaining above. Maybe towards the time you are getting ready to decide on a cover for project Bow, you could make it for the cover photo, and randomize entries that way.

    3. Okay, I will consider that. It might work better for a calendar than a book. My experiences with giving away books have not been that great so far, because winners of the raffle never seem to review the book, and some of them just turn around and resell it.