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Monday, March 31, 2014

A Fine Day for Llamas

Even though Bow is confined to the pen system, he is very much aware of everything that goes on on our ten acre property and beyond. He can see better than I can and hear better, and so he notices things that I don't.

A couple of times today he thought there was someone out there, and when I went out to look there was: it was a rabbit under the forsythia bush, who scampered away so fast that I could not even take its picture.

Before lunch, Bow started looking out to the road, and he gestured to me to look, too. He can see a long way through the window of our front door. I saw something odd, but I was not sure exactly what it was. At first I thought it was a vehicle of some sort, but something told me it wasn't motorized.

It turned out to be a llama wandering on the road. Bow gave me permission to go out and look at it. When I arrived close enough to take a picture, it was in the front yard of our neighbors across the street. But earlier it had been wandering close to my mailbox.

I took this picture from the road, so it is not very close up or clear. Then I went back and showed the picture to Bow. Sometimes Bow gets very upset if there is a man or a dog or a cow wandering too close to our property. But in the case of the llama he was not upset. He was just very interested.

Bow did get a little upset when it began raining and there was thunder not too long after we saw the llama. He vocally protested against the noise. In the afternoon, after lunch, I went to check if the llama was still there. It wasn't. It had continued on its travels unmolested, apparently.

Bow told me he was sorry the "animal" did not come closer. Then he asked to go outside.

He climbed up into a high corner to survey the property.

But then he decided that something was going on up front again.

Bow climbed down and asked to go in and encouraged me to check out the activity in the front yard, while the dogs in the back yard barked up  a storm. I was hoping it would be a llama, but it was just that rabbit under the forsythia bush. It hopped away as soon as I approached.

I wonder what business the rabbit is conducting under that bush!


  1. Someone needs to go catch their llama!! I bet those things are expensive. I haven't seen any rabbits here yet, so I wonder if you have an underground burrow nearby and he's just checking the weather situation?
    Interesting that Bow can hear the rabbit (I'm assuming he can't see the front yard from his outdoor cage?) from the back.

    1. Hi, Kathy. You would think someone would be missing that llama!

      Bow actually can see above the eight foot fence to some portions of the rest of the yard, so I am not sure whether he saw the rabbit or not. But he did seem to be aware of it before the dogs started barking like mad.

      I thought there might be a burrow there under the forsythia, but then wouldn't the rabbit just disappear underground? Instead, it hops away toward the woods every time I come around.

    2. Yes, if he's headed to the woods, he could be living out there. Maybe you have some tasty vegetation in your yard for which he's willing to expose himself.

  2. I always thought it would be fun to own a llama, if I had enough land for one. Do you really think it could be a stray llama?

    1. Hi, Julia. It certainly is a pretty creature, but I don't know how much work is involved in taking care of them and keeping them happy.

      One of my friends says she thinks she knows who this llama belongs to. I hope it got home safely. It would be about four miles down the road, if she is right.

    2. The llama probably just wanted to go exploring. Hope he made it home okay. Wish I could pet him, but share his photo on Pinterest since I can only look at the picture.