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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Playing and Grooming Indoors

Bow has been in and out today. It is nice enough outside, but this also makes him more playful when he is indoors. 

This afternoon, I spotted Bow playing ball with his rolled up blanket. I came in to film that, but before I had locked the door, he tagged me lightly and invited me to a game of chase, with the blanket serving as a ball.

Then the blanket unraveled and Bow had to take some time to turn it back into a ball. He took especial interest in the white tag affixed to the blanket.

After that, Bow affectionately shook my leg a little, stuck out his tongue, then decided to groom my face. After that, he took an interest in the camera, and it was time to stop filming. 

He wanted to see the video we had made and watched it with interest several times.

After he had watched the video, Bow also groomed my hand a little.

Here is a  very small snippet of a hand grooming session.

All in all, Bow had a good day. He was very patient all day long with any delays or inconveniences he had to put up with, because when you are happy, it's all good.


  1. Like the Videos of Bow have you ever notice Bow is diff with diff color blackets Tuffy don't like green. Toys anything.I just wanted to ask,

    1. Thanks, Wayne. Bow knows his colors and asks for things in terms of color. He has had different colored blankets in the past. It just so happens that the new one he got this year is green. He did not object to the color of the blanket but was very happy to receive it.

  2. Must be the fresh happy it's warming up for a few days! Does Bow have real balls to play with too? Does he like them?

    1. Hi, Kathy, Bow is really enjoying this weather right now.

      Yes, he does have some actual, real balls, but he seldom asks for them and does not play with them much when he does.

      Bow likes transforming things into other things, like a blanket into a robe or a ball. But if you transform a plastic ball into something else, it never goes back to being a ball.

  3. I like hearing about Bow's grooming rituals. He sounds like he was enjoying the day.

    1. Hi, Julia. Bow certainly did enjoy the day.