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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Turtle as Well

Yesterday was the day of the toad. But that same day, after lunch, when I went for my walk, I saw a turtle as well.

He was out in the open, his head held high, in the southern five acres  not too far from the woods on the east and the overgrown pasture in the West.

Unlike the most recent turtle I saw, who would rather drown than let me see it moving, this turtle did not mind letting me observe it walking. It had no trouble coming out of its shell.

My friend Pam, who is a turtle expert, told me it was a male three-toed box turtle, considerably older than the one I saved from the dogs on the day when it rained. Pam thinks there is a large turtle population living on my land. She said I should consider putting out fresh corn and bread so that the wild turtles would come visit me.

The problem is I don't have any fresh corn and bread. I am trying to cut down on carbs. Why couldn't the turtles fill up on milk and bacon? Pam says reptiles can't drink milk, just because they are not mammals. But tell that to the snake charmers. I don't think milk was invented just for mammals. I think it must be a substance that pre-mammalians liked, or else we could not have gotten here from there.

Anyway, for the time being, the turtles on my land will just have to fend for themselves, and I will make do with chance encounters. It's actually more fun when seeing a turtle is a surprise.

Bow enjoyed his own outdoor time yesterday, mostly being lazy in the outer pen.

Last night, it rained, and now the outer pen is wet, and Bow does not want to go outside. I thought I would entertain him by showing him the video of the turtle on YouTube. But we got a 500 internal service error screen.

Bow thought it was his fault, so he kept randomly pressing keys, trying to correct the problem.

I had a very hard time explaining to him that there was nothing he could do to fix it.

Don't you hate it when it's not your chimp's fault, but YouTube is blaming all its technical problems on non-human primates? I told Bow it was actually the people at Google who were to blame. Eventually, he believed me.


  1. I imagine the turtle is eating wild greens growing around the property. Cool turtle picture.

  2. Thanks, Julia. I was happy to get some pictures of this turtle walking about and not hidden away inside its shell.

    My friend Pam says it looked very alert and was probably out hunting for worms, bugs and snails, in that order.