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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Doe and the Fawn

This morning, as I was puttering in the kitchen getting breakfast ready, I saw a doe and a fawn in the front yard. Now I have seen deer there before, but this was a most unusual sight. The fawn looked like a newborn, unsteady on its feet, so much smaller than the mother. I just had to get a picture!

I grabbed the cellphone and started filming them through the front door screen.

But this was highly unsatisfactory, and even though I could see them clearly with the naked eye, in the camera even with magnification, they were almost invisible. So I decided to open the front door and step out. Big mistake!

As soon as I came out, the doe made a dash for it, but the fawn could not keep up. It was dazed and disoriented and ended up stranded by the foliage under the poplar trees. I could see it clearly, so I decided to go there, and the doe circled back a couple of times, but seeing me, she ran away.

When I approached the fawn, it was doing the closest thing to sticking its head in the sand that it could do. Its tail up in the air and its head hidden beneath the foliage, it hoped I would just mistake it for some inanimate object.

 I did not touch. I backed off and went to the porch, hoping I could get a really good shot of the doe coming back for the fawn. However, when that did not happen after a few moments, I returned to the fawn, who had gotten tired of its initial pose.

I decided the doe needed me to not be anywhere in sight so she could come back and save her baby. I went back inside.

Back in the house, the tea kettle was whistling, and Bow was upset with me. I set up the breakfast things, and before asking me for a food item, Bow spelled: "That was not good."

"Do you mean that it was separated from the mother?"


"Do you think the mother will come back?"

"Yes. Give me an apple."

Bow is practical like that. When I went back out after breakfast, the fawn was gone. I hope the mother really did come back for it. I would have liked to film that, but my presence was not a good thing for the mother and the baby.

I really need to get a good camera with a telephoto lens, so I can film the wildlife without disturbing.


  1. HAHA! Love your label of "Bambi"! That fawn is adorable! Great picture and video, Aya! Yes, I think, as much as you love to take pictures and video, you might love having a really good quality video camera that also takes pictures!
    When Bow said, "That was not good.", was it because he had seen what happened, or you told him what happened and he became empathetic? It's funny that he answered with a simple "yes", then "give an apple". It's like, "let's move on, because I'm hungry". :)

    1. Hi, Kathy. The "Bambi" label was mostly for the search engines. I figured it was worth a shot.

      I hate investing in a video camera, because I have done that so many times before, thinking I had bought the ultimate camera, only to have the technology become obsolete in a few years.

      I think Bow did see some of what happened by watching through the front door window. He knows how to get really good angles on things that are seemingly out of view by climbing high in the corner of the pen.

      He does not use two words when one will do, though. And food is important.

  2. This is almost exactly what happened to me the other day Aya. I saw the baby trying to stand up and she didn't seem to be able to stay up. The mom suddenly saw me and she looked confused and ran away a few feet - then she looked around and I left quickly. I was afraid she would get too far from her baby.

    Your photographs are beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Kelly

      I guess they are all having their babies now, so those of us who encounter them are having similar experiences. But it was a first time for me to see anything like it!

  3. I wasn't so luck when I came upon a fawn by chance. The mother was stomping her feet and looking ready to charge me. I am glad you were able to get such a great photo and video. These little guys are amazing to watch. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Wow! That must have been one courageous doe! I wish you could have gotten a picture of her protecting her young, because that would have been a great shot, too.