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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dessert for Bow

My mother left this morning, and Bow was sad to see her go.

Bow missing Grandma
When my mother arrived this time, among the many other things she brought us was a can of poppy seed filling. So I took the opportunity yesterday to  bake a poppy seed cake, not from scratch, but in the way that I have found makes the closest thing to a from-scratch poppy seed cake that I know. The recipe is here:

Bow was very involved in the process of preparing the cake. He even licked the bowl and the big wooden spoon.

I made two cakes, and here is what lunch looked like yesterday:

Bow's lunch

The humans among us eat less fruit and more meat, so the proportions are different, but we are all eating the same food, more or less, with minor variations.

When my mother left this morning, Bow watched as the airport shuttle took her away and drove into the unseen distance. He was sad to see her leave, but he knows he will see her again -- for Thanksgiving. 


  1. Thanks for the recipe, Aya! I want to try this. So glad you and Bow got to see your Mom for a few days and enjoy her company. I didn't know an airport shuttle would come out that far. Which airport does she fly out of?

    1. My mother flies in and out of the St. Louis Airport. The service is expensive, but she has found it to be quite reliable.

      Let me know if you bake a poppy seed cake, Kathy, and if you like how it turns out.