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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Too Many Bananas: Call for Recipes

Yesterday was my day off. Bow had a nice time with Lawrence. After displaying at him ferociously for about five minutes when Lawrence arrived, Bow signaled to Lawrence that it was now okay to come in, after which they started grooming and playing together and had a great day.

The delivery lady came by, and Bow hid from her in the corner, but she coaxed him out. "Can I see your blanket?" she asked him. Bow went to where he had left his blanket and brought it closer to her, so she could look at it. When she left, she waved goodbye. Bow doesn't generally wave, but he did raise his hand in response to her gesture, just as if he intended to wave.

At the local grocery store, I picked up some bananas to buy, the ones that were the least ripe, but the store owner told me: "Aya, you can have all these bananas. They came in too yellow." Since they were offering them for free, I went ahead and took them.

But now I need some recipes. Bow can't possibly eat all these bananas before they spoil. We will have to eat them as a family. If you have recipes for using bananas -- hopefully not involving flour or sugar -- please post them in the comments. We will give them a try!


  1. I would make something with bananas, but I feel like I have ate too many this week.

    1. Hi, Julia, I know what you mean, I am afraid we will get tired of bananas, too, unless I manage to make them seem different each time.