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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Because It's Not Good

Bow sometimes has an oblique way of referencing things, as if they almost have nothing to do with him and he is remarking on them in passing.

I was away for three days to give a talk before the Laffite Society in Galveston. Before I left Bow spelled "שמעתי שאת עוזבת". "I heard that you are leaving."

"Bow, I told you I was leaving."

He agreed,  : "כן" "Yes."

I had explained it all to him before, where and why I was going and that Lawrence would be taking care of him in my absence. He had not said anything at all about it until the afternoon of the day I left.

I returned last night. This morning, I was looking at pictures from the trip that I had posted on Facebook. This seemed to upset Bow, though he did not say anything about it. So I offered to let him look at the pictures and explained what was in each one. "This big house is the hotel where I stayed. These are some of my friends, here is a picture of me talking to people about my book."

Bow was much more interested in the picture of the people in the restaurant than in anything else. He looked at that particular picture for a long time, staring at it closely.

Later, he tried to scroll through the pictures, but  at first he was doing it wrong.

In no time at all, however, he became an accomplished scroller, at which point he wanted to practice his new found skill over and over again.

After he was done looking at the pictures he took me to the glass and spelled: "תנסי לא לנסוע" Roughly translated that means "Try not to travel."

"Why?" I asked him.

He answered: "כי זה רע"  "Because it's bad."

He did not at any time refer to his own feelings on the matter. It was just a general statement disapproving of travel.


  1. I like the pictures from your trip. This is the first time commenting with my snart phone. Your blog looks good on it.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I am glad you like the pictures. Did you post the comment from your phone?

    2. Yes I did comment with my phone yesterday.

    3. You are more of a pioneer than I am, Julia. I have yet to comment on anything using my phone.