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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bow Helps Clean

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have Bow in my life, and I complain rather loudly about the small cleaning chores that I have in the pens.

Yesterday afternoon, I looked around, and I saw that despite all the constant cleaning I do, there was some more thorough scrubbing required to get rid of accumulated grime. I was feeling kind of sorry for myself, so I complained to Bow that he wasn't keeping his pen clean enough, and that's why I had to scrub the floor. Bow watched me scrub and listened to me complain until he could stand it no more. Then he came and, silently, without saying a word or asking permission, he took the brush out of my hand and started scrubbing the floor himself.

He put a lot of elbow grease into it and kept doing it for some time.

I was so surprised!

Bow would never have done this if I had ordered him to. It was only because it was his own idea that it worked so beautifully. Later, I thanked him profusely for helping me, and he was so happy that I appreciated his help, he was practically jumping for joy


  1. Wow, he is a REALLY GOOD scrubber! Do you think he will continue to help now that he has received such praise for doing it?

    1. He is good at it, Kathy! I don't know that he will consistently help clean the pen, because in his mind it can't be a duty -- it has to be something he thought of and volunteered to do. Nobody tells Bow what to do. But it is quite possible he will help to scrub again, as he actually seemed to enjoy doing it.

  2. Bow was so helpful. What interesting behaviour!

    1. Yes, he really does help sometimes, as long as he feels free to decide. He likes feeling generous! Also, it is fun to scrub the floor!