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Saturday, August 15, 2015

More Evidence for Coexistence and Friendship Between Species

Bow looking at the photo article about the bear and the wolf

My last post was about a dragonfly and a damselfly  coexisting side by side. This morning, in my Facebook feed, I saw an article from Israel about a Finnish bear and wolf who are friends and even share their kills.

An article by Roi Farbstein with photos by Lassi Rautiainen

The photographer is Lassi Rautiainen, and he is from Finland. The article's author is Roi Farbstein. You can read the article here:

Rautiainen is a nature photographer, and the images in the article are what he saw in the wild. They are not staged. For ten nights in a row, the photographer followed the bear and the wolf as they shared food and spent time together between eight pm and four am.

Apparently the two feel safer and happier together than living apart. It can happen.

Bow and I found it fascinating!


  1. I found the story of the bear and the wolf to be fascinating too. It's really amazing since both are extremely capable of surviving on their own.

    1. The article suggested that both the bear and the wolf are rather young and isolated and this may be why they have banded together.