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Monday, August 24, 2015

Bow Sends Me Out

Early in the morning after breakfast, Bow is  sleepy.

Later as he wakens, he will ask to go outside. There Bow gets to strut his stuff.

He flexes his muscles and is king of all he surveys.

Meanwhile, I looks at the dayflowers while they are still open.

I have been spending a lot more time in the backyard, lately, because that is the only part of my outdoor property where the kitten cannot go.

The backyard is guarded by ferocious dogs -- Leo and Brownie -- and no cat may enter there. But late in the afternoon, Bow expects me to go for a walk, and if I do not go of my own accord, he tells me to go in no uncertain terms. He likes his alone time.

There are many more opportunities to meet butterflies in the front yard than in the back.

There are crescent pearls on sunflowers, silver-spotted skippers on wildflowers in the pasture.

Bumblebees share the blossoms with the skippers.

But just as I am most immersed in nature, I suddenly here that familiar meowing.

 And I see that the kitten is right there at my heels.

I would probably never even venture out of the house, anymore, if it were not that Bow needs his alone time.


  1. Hopefully kitten does not enter the backyard, but I have heard of cases where dogs do kill small cats thinking it is prey, like a squirrel. If the kitten knows what is good, he will stay out of the yard.

    1. Yes I think the kitten is smart enough to know not to enter the backyard, because the dogs have given plenty of warning, barking ferociously every time it approached the fence.

  2. Your cat sounds smart Aya. In the case I heard about the cat kept going in the yard anyway thinking the dogs parking was just playing.

    1. Yes, I think it's a pretty smart kitten, Julia.