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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Bow's Christmas Card and Gift

Bow received an envelope in the mail today. It was addressed to "Mr. Bow Katz", and there were beautiful stamps on the front.

"Look, Bow. Here is something for you. It came in the mail. Do you want to open it?" He examined the envelope and set about opening it. Then he fished something out of the card inside it. It was a red Christmas hat shaped ornament, with a bent paper clip for a hanger and a little bell at the end. This fascinated Bow so much that he almost did not notice the card.

The card said "Wishing you a furry Christmas" on the outside and inside there was a dog that barked the tune to "We wish you a Merry Christmas." In handwriting it said:: "Merry Christmas, Bow. Your friend Charla."

 Bow listened to the barking dog sing a little and then jiggled it. But the red hat ornament was what he really wanted for his own. He handed me back the card after a while, held on to the ornament, and asked to go outside.

Bow went walking around outside, human style, stomping his feet and carrying the ornament in his hand. This really impressed Leo.

Bow was very happy with this early Christmas present. It was the perfect gift!


  1. I like the card and hat Bow received. I was thinking of an idea that might be fun for you guys since more people are now interested in viewing your YouTube videos. Some people set up a PO Box, and I know you have one already, but they share it on their channel so fans of the show can send them things they might want to review or feature on their channel. You could always have a disclaimer that whatever you decide to share with Bow on a video would be up to your final approval, but it might be fun and interesting for the viewers, and I am sure Bow would enjoy it. I have thought about doing this, but I do not have a separate PO box from my physical address.

    1. Hi, Julia. That is an intriguing idea. I will consider it. One does have to be very careful with the general public, because even though there are many well wishers, I have also received some hateful comments, so it would have to be screened very carefully. In the case of the card from Bow's friend Charla, I did not even open it beforehand, and I was just as surprised as Bow was that there was a red hat ornament in there with the card. But we both know Charla well, and so I had no fear about anything she might put in there.

    2. I understand it might not be a good idea. The only reason I thought of it is because a lot of youtubers get free products from small companies, which they share on the video if they agree it is appropriate. Maybe you could just put a business inquiry email on there, and if people from a company want to contact you, then they can do so independently.

  2. That's an even better idea, Julia! The one product I am seriously interested in for Bow is a tablet set up for him to use to spell out what he wants and then have it spoken aloud. They have products like this for disabled people, and I cannot afford to get one on my own. It needs to limit Bow's choices to keep him from just pressing everything all at once.

  3. I like Julia's idea! That would be very interesting to watch, indeed!

  4. Me and my Little Girl clara are falling in love with bow. We would love to send some gifts and surprises!