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Friday, April 23, 2010

He used to want to go to school

This morning, I saw Sword off to the school bus and came back to ask Bow what he wanted to eat. He had already had grapes, but I figured he probably wanted something more. So he took my hand next to glass, and I asked him: "What do you want, Bow?" Just as I asked this, we saw the school bus through the window on its second run past our mailbox. "Once, Bow wanted to go to school," Bow said.

"And you don't want to go to school, anymore?"

"No," he answered. "Everybody is bad."

"Okay. So what do you want now?"


I gave him cereal. What else could I do?


  1. Are there times when he says everything is nice :-)? I wonder what makes him say so.

  2. Longroad, yes, there are times when he says that everybody is good or that all mothers are good, when he's especially happy with something I've done. He is prone to generalizations.

    He is very much aware that there is discrimination against him and that even if he were allowed to go to school, the other children would not accept him. Sword comes home and tells us what other children say.

  3. You're kidding! Other children say bad things about having a chimpanzee waiting for you to come home from school?!?! I would think they'd be green with envy! And they probably are!

  4. Suzanne, when the story about the incident in Connecticut came out, and there was a public outcry against chimpanzees and anti-primate legislation was introduced, a girl in Sword's class said some very ugly things to her about Bow and about chimpanzees in general. Sword became very upset. To her teacher's credit, the other girl was sent to the principal's office, and this kind of talk has not been encouraged.

    Nevertheless, children do say things every once in a while, and sometimes it becomes especially painful, when it comes from somebody we all thought was a friend.

    Sword and Bow can sometimes say mean things to each other at home, but they are very loyal to each other when it comes to defending the family honor.

  5. Of course! Well, that girl was just stupid. She and her family probably approve of Breed Specific Legislation, too!