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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Portrayals of chimpanzees range from totally cute and precious to vicious killer animal. My Bow is not really at either extreme. I mean, yes, he can be cute, but lately I've noticed that when he's conforming to the precious template, it's because he wants to draw my attention away from something naughty he's done.

Sword had a friend over for a sleepover Friday night. Bow usually likes to try to scare Sword's friends or to impress them with his prowess. He believes that a female who sees him all puffed up with his hair standing on end and throwing his full weight against the glass will be bowled over by his might and splendor and will want to submit to him. It doesn't seem to work this way, but he never gives up.

At breakfast on Saturday, though, he suddenly became all nice and conciliatory, and not knowing why, I thought he was turning a new leaf and had decided to be more mature. He complimented Sword's friend. Then he said to me, all magnanimous: "Let them play." (As if I were the one who didn't want to allow the girls to play.)

"Isn't Bow being really nice!" I exclaimed to the girls. Then I saw the puddle on the floor!

This is how he is. He can be really nice. But... it's not always genuine. If it weren't for the puddle on the floor, he would have been hurling insults at the guest and trying to impress us all with how big and strong he is.

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