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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Where will my kids go to high school?

My daughter informed me yesterday that she wants to go to the local high school when the time comes. (She's in fifth grade right now.) I had dreams about sending her to a really "good" school ever since she was born. I was thinking of Putney, in Vermont. I was hoping we could all move there, when the time came. But now with restrictions on non-human apes traveling, and the difficulty of generating revenue for Project Bow, the local high school is looking like the most probable final outcome. And she wants that, because that's where all her friends are going!

I never went to high school. I never had all those "normal" experiences. Maybe letting her do that is the best thing for her.

Poor Bow is so very much longing to flex his own social muscles and impress a few conspecifics with how "cool" he is, too. I wish there were a local high school for him to attend.

Bow loves parties. Here he is singing along at his eighth birthday party:


  1. It's good that things are falling together for your daughter to attend the school she wants. Her desire will go a long way toward her being able to make the most of the opportunities provided and gain success.

    However, it is unfortunate that there is no great ape high school in your state! ;D

  2. Suzanne, yes, I agree on both points. By the time a child arrives at high school age, their own preferences in academic matters and in life have got to be considered. Hopefully, Sword will make the most of the opportunities she has.

    I wish that Bow could meet other chimpanzees, if only online. I'd like to offer him a chance to interact with his peers.