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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Excuses, Excuses

This morning, while Sword was having breakfast in the pen, and I was getting the grapes for Bow from the kitchen, Bow peed in the potty, but got off too soon and dripped a lot on the floor. Sword told me about it when I came back.

When I asked Bow why, he spelled: "She shouldn't have told."

"Do you think I wouldn't have seen the drip if she hadn't?"

"Yes." Completely unrepentant.

To Lawrence, who came later, he explained in English: "Sword lied."

This is the typical behavior he engages in to distance himself from what he has done. On other occasions the excuse I get is: "They didn't give you a chimp who doesn't pee on the floor." "Because people are eating chimps in Africa." And my all time favorite, one from a few months ago: "Some other guy did it."

"What other guy?" And when he didn't answer, I asked: "Bow, do you expect me to believe that some other guy broke in here while I had my back turned, peed on the floor and left?"


Today, much later when I was still going over his excuses in an attempt to find out what he was really thinking, Bow took my hand to spell: "Everybody lies."

"That may be. But your lies are so obvious, Bow."


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