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Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Routines at Project Bow

Summer routines for anyone who has school-aged children are different from winter habits. Children are let out of school, and for those who have no stay-at-home parents, this requires alternative child-care arrangements.

Sword's school offers a summer school program that basically consists of babysitting. For those parents who could not spend this time with their children, anyway, it is a state-sponsored day care. We all pay for it, but only some people use it. Sword and I are grateful, however, that the program is not mandatory. I want Sword at home in the summer, and she enjoys the extra freedom, too.

Summer routines at Project Bow are different, as well. We have a new intern arriving this Tuesday, and we are all anxious to meet her.  I am sure that we will learn new things from her, and the she will  learn from us. Every new person has their own way of relating to Bow, and our lives are enriched by the added perspective. What new talents will she share with us? What new stories will she tell? What new games will she teach us to play?

Changes in routine can be disruptive, but they also bring with them new opportunities. Bow and I are looking forward to Tuesday!

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