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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Indoors and Out

Yesterday, I discovered that my laptop can maintain its connection with the internet, even when I take it outside, into the outer pen. Bow wanted to go out and he even took the trouble to tell me so. Of course, he used his oblique way of talking first. He took my hand and spelled: "Everybody likes to go outside." I gave him my annoyed look. I didn't particularly want to go outside. "Never mind everybody. What do you want, Bow?" He spelled: "To go outside." I gave in. "Oh, okay. Just let me get my shoes and a towel."

I go barefoot in the house, but the outer pen floor is not so clean, it being, after all, the out of doors part of the pens. So I got my flip flops. And I took a towel to put on the metal glider we have out there, because Bow has been working on taking apart the glider for some time, and there is a spot where part of the metal grill juts out. I've torn several pairs of pants sitting there. But if I cover it with a towel, my pants remain intact. At the last moment, impulsively, I decided to take my laptop, too.

I thought that if I got disconnected from the internet I could still work on some document files. But I kept my connection and I was able to access Hubpages and Facebook and my blog and anything else I wanted. So Bow and I sat side by side on the glider on that towel, and the rooster crowed and the dogs did their thing, and birds flitted overhead, and I checked my email. It's the miracle of modern life.

Of course, when Bow had to use the potty, we went in. Bow doesn't like to  use the outer potty, because it isn't as clean as the one indoors. Bow appreciates cleanliness. He's just not that anxious to help maintain it.


  1. Cool! I was not able to get a router to work with my desktop computer, so I can only use my laptop online if I disconnect my desktop and plug in my laptop. I do use my laptop to write outdoors, though. It is handy for that.

  2. I haven't had a desktop in over a decade. At first, it was because I was traveling. Now, it's because of the pen system. But laptops are amazingly versatile things!