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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Standing Up to Thunder

This morning it was nice out, and Bow went outside several times. But right in the middle of lunch, before Bow even got to the bananas, it suddenly grew dark, and there was rain outside and thunder.

I asked Bow what else he wanted to eat, but Bow indicated by pointing at the door that he needed a break from lunch so he could take care of the problems we were having with the weather.

Bow protested the rain and the thunder by displaying, vocalizing and making a lot of noise by rattling a chained lock. He also threw himself against the glass a couple of times and struck it with his hand, but that hurt, so he decided not to do it again.

However, when the rain did not let up despite all Bow's hard work, he asked to eat his two remaining bananas.

Now the thunder has died down  and the rain has let up a little. It is probably a delayed reaction to Bow's earlier protest. Bow is content. He can relax now. Until the next thunder burst, anyway.


  1. I find Bow's reaction to the thunder & rain to be very intriguing. Is Bow afraid of the thunder & lightning, or does he just believe it's annoying and wants it to stop? I was thinking of you and Bow when the thunder first started here and wondered how he would react, so thanks for the video! Then I saw the lightning down your way - it was pretty intense for awhile. We had some horrific winds here!

    I saw that more is on its way tonight - may be a long night for you and Bow. ;)

    1. Hi, Kathy. I think to some extent Bow is duly awed and a little afraid of what natural forces can do, He seems to know how dangerous some of those things really are, whereas we tend to forget and think we are always safe if we're inside.

      But on the other hand, Bow also wants to show that he is not afraid and is in control of the situation, hence his magnificent displays of strength.

  2. We had some bad lightening and thunder yesterday, and it sent Irina the cat to flee under the bed. I wish she would just stop running every time she hears a loud noise.

    1. Hi, Julia. Loud noises usually do signify something strong and dangerous, so Irina may be justified in running first and asking questions afterwards. I think humans have gotten too accustomed to loud noises, and we don't always realize that nature unleashed really is quite dangerous.