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Monday, April 21, 2014

The Cherry Tree That Planted Itself

I am not absolutely sure yet, but it seems that a cherry tree has planted itself on my property. Yesterday afternoon, I spotted a cluster of beautiful flowers at the edge of my woods. I took a picture and posted it on Facebook, asking what sort of flower it was.

Some people thought it looked like an orchid, some said it was a dogwood. But others pointed out that dogwoods have four petals whereas as this flower has five. In fact, I have a dogwood tree in the back yard, and this is what its blossoms look like right now.

The dogwood blossoms in my back yars

So the new tree on the edge of my woods is definitely not a dogwood. Then my friend Kathy suggested that it might be a cherry tree. She went and investigated some more, and came back with this link for me to answer some interactive questions. I did, and according to the site, the new flowering tree is a Morello cherry! Now where would that come from?

I have two cherry trees in the front yard. One of them has been in bloom for a while now, so the flowers no longer look so fresh.

The bees are very attracted to these wilting flowers and buzz around them like crazy. Could this be the source of the sapling in my back yard? Did a bird eat of my cherries and drop a seed by the woods?

I'm not sure, and we will have to watch the tree closely to see if this identification is correct. But it could be that I don't need to plant more fruit trees after all. I may just need to sit back and relax and let nature take its course. That is certainly Bow's attitude toward agriculture.

It rained last night, and this morning the floor of the pen was wet.

The back yard is a beautiful sight, with the dogwood just coming into bloom. But Bow decided to stay in for the time being.

I really should emulate his relaxed stance toward everything. Maybe the more we work, the more work is required. But if we just let things happen on their own, the results are beautiful!


  1. Hahaha - Bow really hates wet floors doesn't he? I think you're right Aya - a bird planted the seed for you! There are seeds that actually have to go through a bird's digestive tract in order for it to be properly stratified so that it can germinate.
    Bob and I planted a large grove of 40 plum trees when we moved here. It was lots of work. The following year, we had to go in and cut back all the ragweed so the small trees could get some sunlight & thrive. They have done very well and this year they are exhibiting some awesome blooms.
    Well, we have since discovered 4 more "groves" of plum trees coming up - ones we did not plant - we call them "volunteers". We laugh and laugh at how much work we put into that grove as we watch our volunteers shoot up everywhere. Ah well. ;)
    Would love to tour your property sometime and see what kinds of trees you have growing. ;)

    1. It's nice to have those volunteers, isn't it Kathy? Forty plums tree is a lot! I am glad you are getting the extra trees, too. Do they all give fruit? I have one single plum tree on my land, but it does not give fruit. I think it needs a mate, It blossoms, but then nothing happens.

      I would love to give you and Bob a tour of the property. But it's shamefully uncultivated and untended. I am not a hard worker like you!

  2. No, sadly, they don't all give fruit, but I'm not sure why. I've read that plum trees are 'self-pollinating', but 2 or more ensures it. The birds usually eat all my plums before they're even ripe! I could put some bird-netting on them, but I have no reason to go to that amount of trouble as we don't eat plums.
    Maybe this year, I'll try to protect a few of them and bring some plums to Bow or I can bring them to one of our meetings so you can give them to him.

    1. Hi, Kathy. I am sure Bow would love to sample your plums.

      Also, maybe you can give me some tips about how to get my plum tree to give fruit. I think it had a mate growing there when I first bought the property, but the other tree died.

  3. The cherry trees are exciting and amazing. I find nature much more fulfilling that most stuff these days.

    1. Yes, it really is amazing the things that happen in nature, if we take the trouble to look.