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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Surviving the Cold

For the past couple of days, it has been unusually cold again. Even on the day when  Bow was giddily hanging off the rafters, later that afternoon it rained and rained, and the next time Bow went outside that day, it was suddenly much, much colder.

Bow looked out at the pen. It was much less inviting than it had been a few hours earlier. But he went out anyway, because he likes to be outdoors.

Leo is always willing to play some more, but I think you can tell by looking at the picture closely that Bow was feeling cold. This, however, did not keep him from expressing his thoughts.

Meanwhile, I was looking at the plants. First of all, there were tiny shoots in Bow's planter, despite the fact that he had toppled it over twice since planting.

Tiny shoots in Bow's planter on the afternoon of April 13
The cherry tree was now in full bloom.

Bees buzzed by the tree, even as the weather threatened to be stormy.

The pear tree, which up until recentlyhad been completely bare, now was covered with leaves.

And the tulip tree was sprouting leaflets right next to the old, dead flowers from last year.

The next day, April 14, things got even colder and I eventually had to start heating the inner pen again. I was concerned that it might freeze, so I brought Bow's planter with its tiny shoots inside.

The tiny shoots on April 14

The tiny shoots were a little bigger, almost imperceptibly so. I was worried about the fruit trees, because I could not bring them in. In other parts of the state, it even snowed last night. Luckily, not here so far.

This morning, Bow asked to go out repeatedly all morning, but I told him it was too cold. Finally, around eleven I gave in and agreed.

I took the planter with its tiny shoots and put it out to bask in the sun. Bow enjoyed sunning himself, too. But it was still very cold out. Soon Bow asked to come back inside. The tiny shoots in the planter, however, said nothing. So they stayed put. 


  1. When looking out this morning, the bright sun me the mistaken impression that it was warm outside. Wow - was it cold! We did get some snow yesterday evening, but it didn't stick. Glad it's warming up today. And I'm glad your plants aren't talking to you...yet.

    1. Hi, Kathy, maybe it snowed here, too,last night, but I didn't see it. It was not snowing when I let the dogs in for the evening, just very, very cold.

      I don't think my plants will ever talk to me. They probably only talk to people with green thumbs. ;)

  2. We did receive snow where I live but it didn't stick which was a good thing. Does little Bow have a coat he likes to wear? He does look a bit cold but enjoying himself. Hopefully your trees don't freeze too much.

    1. I'm glad your snow didn't stick. It's about time for spring weather to start.

      Bow refuses to wear clothes. He did wear them when he was little, but he absolutely refuses now. I cannot force him, so he just goes out the way he is and comes back in as soon as he asks to go in.

  3. I like that your planter is getting a few shoots. Cool to see the progress you are making with this.

    1. Thanks, Julia. There are more of them, and they are even bigger now. I was offline for three days due to a modem problem, but I will be posting updates soon.