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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Each Blossom in its Time

Today is election day in our little community. I am running for a small public office: one of several members of the health board of our county. Yesterday, I attended a city council meeting in which the subject of water fluoridation was discussed. All of that is important, but so are the things we do closer to home. Before I left for the city council meeting, I discussed plans for the renewal of our orchard with the man who helps me keep up my lawn.

A cherry blossom in my orchard
Sometimes it seems as if the trees take care of themselves, but we have lost some trees, and they need to be replaced. I am going to choose varieties that are natural to this area, so the trees will be more resilient and will require less care.

Little insects are already discovering the newly opened cherry blossoms.

Would you like a low resolution tour of the orchard? Here is a video.

The peach blossoms are becoming more mature, and are even attracting a larger variety of bees.

As I take a tour of the property, I meet the neighbor dog, Cowboy.

By the lagoon, the daffodils have faded and the irises have yet to flower.

But the daffodils in the woods, which were late bloomers, are still in their prime.

There is a time for every thing under the sun, but we are not all on the same timetable, which is good. We can each blossom according to our own schedule.


  1. You have such a beautiful orchard, Aya! Seems like we're a bit slower with the blooms here...but we're getting there! Thanks for the great pictures of spring!

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Your blossoms must be on a slightly different timetable from mine. But I bet things will be in full swing there very soon.

  2. I hope you win your election today. I always enjoy seeing the natural beauty of your property, which is much more alluring than overly landscaped things. Since I grew up in the mountains I think I have always preferred open spaces.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I sometimes forget that I live in the mountains, too, (the Ozarks), although I don't notice it as mountainous, except when driving down certain very hilly roads or when I see a very distant horizon.