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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

After the Rain

It is raining again now, but after the last rain, there was a short respite, and I went back out and looked at the flowers.

Service berries by the fence line

After the rain, in that strange light that lingers in the air, everything looks greener, even the service berries by the pasture fence.

apple blossoms against a cloudy sky
 The blossoms on the new apple tree all seemed to be opening at once.

apple blossoms close up

It was hard to capture a clear picture of each blossom, because they would not stand still. The branches of the new apple tree were towering up into the sky and swaying in the breeze.

apple branches swaying in the breeze
But where were the bees? Didn't they want to take advantage of the opening apple blossoms? No. They had all gone to call on the Weigela blooms by the woods.

The Weigela blossoms, more numerous that the apple blooms, and just as pretty, drew my entire bee population into their midst.

a bee comes to call on a Weigela bloom
The bees were so confused by the embarrassment of riches before them that they flitted too quickly from flower to flower to flower.

Which Weigela blossom is best? Which is the prettiest? Which offers the sweetest nectar? It is very hard for me to tell, and gauging by the bees' reactions, they don't know, either. Every one is beautiful in its own way -- and they are very hard to tell apart!