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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bow and Baylor Magazine

The flowers are continuing with their plans to bloom. Yesterday the daffodils were all shut tightly in their casings. And today one of them already looks like this.

Bow has been going outside many times a day, but this morning it was still quite cold, and he did not stay long. When he came in, he asked to look at my Baylor Magazine.

Looking at Baylor football players, Bow puffs himself up to look bigger

Because I graduated from Baylor Law School many years ago, I keep getting Baylor Magazine. I usually don't find much that is of interest to me there, but this time there was an article about C.S. Lewis, and so I settled down to read it. But Bow insisted that he needed to see the magazine first.

Bow took a very long time with Baylor Magazine, not even allowing the dogs outside barking to distract him from the task for long. Highlights for Bow included baby pictures in  the birth announcement section for alumni, the Baylor Bear Cub Corner. Here he is pointing at one of the cute babies.

I never throw away magazines that I receive in the mail before Bow gets a chance to read them.No matter how mundane or uninteresting I think a publication is, Bow finds depths of interest in unusual places.  He seems to value those things that the rest of us take for granted.


  1. Do Bow ever like to make collages out of old magazines? That can be a fun way to use up magazines people are done reading. You could cut out the pictures for him, and then he could paste these on the paper.

    1. I've never tried making collages with Bow, though Sword and I did do some of that with magazine pictures when she was little. Mostly we would cut out pretty pictures to add to homemade greeting cards. But it is something to think about. I just don't how to keep Bow from trying to eat the glue.