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Monday, March 10, 2014

Outdoors and In

With the weather becoming more hospitable, Bow has been enjoying several outings per day. Yesterday, he even had his three o'clock snack in the outer pen.

This morning, before lunch, Bow got in a vigorous exercise session with the dogs.

After exercising to his heart's content -- and believe me, this is definitely aerobic exercise -- Bow enjoyed just hanging out.

I didn't get a video of this, but Bow traversed the entire width of the ceiling like this.

When he was done with his outdoor exercise, Bow was much more quiet and subdued. First he groomed my hand.

Then he asked for his blanket. And once he had the blanket, he sat down on it and was very quiet for a long, long time.

When we get enough opportunities to be rowdy and cut loose out-of-doors, we can also have many quiet moments indoors.


  1. Sometimes it is not about whether people have a enough time to spend out doors, but rather if they want to be there. I work the weekends, and many people have that time off. Since I do work on the weekends, during the week days I have a couple of days off, and get off early a couple of days I do work,so I have the opportunity to go outside, and use it. On the weekends I see many families take advantage of the outdoor opportunities here in Southern California, but some people do not enjoy being outside I notice. Some people would rather go to the movies on Saturday, or they stay home and do stuff inside. I had one friend who thought she could not go outside during the day because she wanted to get all her school work done before five so we could then go to the mall. I wanted to spend time with her so we did that,but on days I was alone I would go for walks at the botanic garden on Saturday mornings, and often study outside there in the afternoons. I spotted very few students doing that, because they often preferred to study outside. I think it is great Bow has the opportunity to spend time outside.

    1. Hi, Julia. Yes, there are some people who do not seem to like being out-of-doors, and they make excuses about why they don't have time to be outside. Bow and I both make time to be outside and enjoy fresh air when we can.