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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wiping Off the Rim of the Bench

The weather changes so fast around here! Yesterday morning, we could not go out because of the snow, and Bow had to amuse himself with fashion magazines, instead. But by early afternoon, the temperature outside was so high that the snow was rapidly melting. Bow asked to go outside, and when he did, he found that the rim of the back of the bench, where he wanted to lie, was still a little damp.

Even though Bow hates getting his feet wet, he opted to use his feet to wipe the bench, so that his back could stay dry when he lay down on it. I was not sure if this expedient would be good enough, so after Bow lay down, I waited a little to see if he would like to go back in right away.

He turned his head back and gave me a smile to let me know he was quite happy there and I was free to go.


  1. I understand not liking to get your feet wet. I know we all have to take showers, but sometimes I hate doing that in the morning. I enjoy it afterwards, but the entire feeling of getting wet when it is slightly cool outside is just not to my liking. Sometimes people tease that I am a vampire, because I am reluctant to get wet.

    1. Hi, Julia. I know what you mean. I always have to make sure I dry my feet thoroughly after bathing, because letting them stay even a little bit damp is not good.