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Monday, March 17, 2014

Bow Skims through Spring Issue of Harper's Bazaar

By the time yesterday's snowfall was over, the outer pen looked like this.

There was no possibility of going out. Even the top rim of the bench was piled with snow. The swing and every place where Bow likes to perch were snow-covered.

At sunset, the front yard looked like this.

And this morning it looked like this.

With no possibility of going outside to play, I broke out the fashion magazines. Bow loves to look at pictures. The spring awakening issue of Harper's Bazaar seemed appropriate.

Bow can flip through magazines for hours, given half a chance.

His face shows how serious and engrossed he is by the task.

Once he has gone through the magazine three or four times, cover to cover, Bow will start to focus on images he particularly likes for a more detailed scrutiny.

Harper's Bazaar offers not only a visual and a tactile experience, but also appeals to the olfactory sense. Bow knows all about those flaps with the perfume samples.

Notice how gently Bow opened the flaps and how brief a whiff he took of the sample. Bow has a very strong sense of smell, and it does not take much for him to get the gist of a sample. This time, Bow did not seem much impressed.

Eventually, after a very thorough reading, Bow lost interest in the magazine, and he started to wonder what the dogs were doing outside.

Spring is bound to come, sooner or later. In the meanwhile we have plenty of indoor distractions to keep us occupied.


  1. Some of the samples are nice, but I always think some smell really bad. I noticed the ones that are pricey often do not have aromas that I like. My favorite perfume is the Tahiti monoi gardenia coconut scent from Yves Rocher. Better yet, I just like their body oil, which is fragrant, and costs much less than many of those perfumes. The good thing about the samples, though, is that these are free.

    1. Hi, Julia. I am not familiar with the Tahiti monoi gardenia coconut scent from Yves Rocher, but will keep an eye out for it, should it appear as a sample in Harper's Bazaar. I agree. The best thing about the samples is that they are free.