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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Snowing, Again!

Only yesterday it felt like spring. Bow enjoyed many uninterrupted hours out of doors. The grass was seen sprouting from under the blanket of dead leaves in the back yard. Birds were chirping everywhere. I even spotted one of my front yard flowers getting ready to show.

But today it is snowing again. How confusing it must be for the plants and the birds.

This was the front yard earlier this morning. In the backyard, the snowflakes were so large, that they even showed up in a still shot.

I had to let the dogs in. Bow stood with his blanket and watched the snow coming down through the window of the front door.

There will be no possibility of going outside for Bow today. The outer pen a while ago looked like this.

And it continues to snow.

Bow got this look on his face, seeing all that snow.

He sat up in the corner of the pen. He could look to the right and see the back yard where the snowflakes were swirling around in the air.

He could look to the left and see the front yard through the window of our door.

Everywhere he looked the forecast did not look good.

What can you do when the weather is like this? Bow finally decided to take a nap. He hid his face under his blanket to block out the sight of all that snow.


  1. Even here in Southern California the mountains usually get another small snow storm before April,and I even remember it snowing as late as June before. Well there is barely any snow on top of Mount San Gorgonio, and that is at the 11,000 mark, what I see. We are already looking to have a warm summer, so wish we could get some of your snow.

    1. Hi, Julia, it seems as if we got all your snow and maybe even some of the rain that you should have gotten. I guess it goes to show that nature is not for equal distribution. ;) Maybe you guys in California were just meant to have more than your share of sunshine!