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Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring at Last!

Yesterday was the first day of spring. With the snow a little earlier this week, you would think the flowers would have delayed their blooming. But there were flowers, if you knew where to look.

I had to move aside some dead leaves to find them, but there they were in all their glory.

Bow went outside many times yesterday. He enjoyed the sunshine.

This morning the birds were chirping, the grass was visibly sprouting in the backyard, and the dogs were frisky. But Bow thought it was still too cold to come out.

Later Bow asked to go out again and did venture forth.  He had a great time interacting with Leo, who has an interesting presence in this photo. Now that the pen is dry, Bow has his feet firmly planted on the ground. But Leo is still up in the air!

This picture makes me think of a line from "Send in the Clowns": 

Isn't it rich? Are we a pair? Me here at last on the ground, You in mid-air.. 


  1. I love the last picture with Bow on the ground and Leo leaping into the air.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I love that picture, too!