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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cool Weather, Exercise and Daffodils

The cold weather we have been having is a good time for exercise. This morning Bow went outside and shivered a little in the cool air.

Then Leo invited Bow to come and play. Bow was reluctant at first, but then he finally agreed.

After getting his fill of exercise, Bow did not feel as cold anymore. He yawned, all tension released from his system.

This afternoon on my walk after lunch, I saw that the first daffodil of the season has bloomed. Yesterday, it was still shut, but today it has opened.

When I came back from my walk, Bow asked to go outside again. It is still quite cool out, but Bow decided to enjoy what sun there was and spread out on his bench.

Life is good!


  1. Hahahaha - Leo doesn't give up easily does he? Love the first and last pictures. Bow looks like he's laughing in the last one.

    1. Hi, Kathy. Yeah, Leo is nothing if not persistent, He is the youngest member of our household, and he has unbounded enthusiasm and great reserves of energy.

      Bow does seem to be laughing in the last picture.

  2. I love how daffodils and other flowers propagate themselves around your property. I only have a tiny yard, but it was funny to see how morning glory seeds from months ago planted themselves, and are now blooming. Nature has a way of creating amazing landscaping all on its own. I even noticed daisies that some landscapers had not planted in a field managed to propagate themselves there because of birds that hang out there.

    1. Hi, Julia. Yes, my property is full of naturally occurring flowers that I did not plant. In the case of the daffodils, I do think they were part of the landscaping of the previous owners, for they bloomed the very first year we were here. But now some of them are popping up in the woods, and I'm pretty sure nobody planted them there.

  3. Julia, the last time I let Morning glory take hold here, it took forever for me to get rid of it. It was choking everything else out! I finally had to start a fire. ;)