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Friday, June 11, 2010

Remains of a Wasp

Bow killed a wasp this morning. They've been coming into the inner pens for a couple of weeks now. We don't know where the weak point in our defenses is, or how exactly they get in. Mostly they hang out in the Forbidden Corridor, a place that Bow can't access, as it is intended for workmen to come in and fix things. The wasps come in, get weaker and weaker, and if not disposed of otherwise, they eventually die. When I find them, I get a glass and a piece of cardboard, and I trap them in the glass, slipping the cardboard under it, and then I transport them outside, safe and sound. I learned this method from a friend whose family came from India. She was afraid of bees but also didn't want them harmed.

But this morning, while I was clearing away the breakfast dishes, one of those wasps made its way from the Forbidden Corridor to Bow's pen, and he killed it with his bare hands and took it apart. I came in afterwards with a wastepaper basket and asked Bow to help me clean up. He did. He picked up the pieces and, one by one, put them in the wastepaper basket, very gently. Then he wanted to play with the basket, so I had to take it out.

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