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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bow likes Megan

Today Bow met our new intern, Megan. He liked her right from the start. At first, they got to know one another through the grid, and only after quite some time did Bow say it was okay for her to come into the pen with him. I went out one door, and Megan came in through the other. She sat quietly and allowed Bow to examine her. He hair, her feet, her nostrils. All interesting stuff. Later they groomed and even played a relaxed form of chase. He was very nice to her, and there was no pressure. The only thing is, he wouldn't use the potty while she was in with him. So every once in a while she would go out, and I would come in, and Bow would immediately go and pee in the potty for me. Then I would go out after emptying the potty and returning it, and Megan would go back in to play with Bow. I think Bow is embarrassed to pee in front of a new person, but it would be even more embarrassing to have an accident, I would think. He will have to get over this shyness, but we take things one day at a time. Today was a good day. We met a new person, and we hit it off well. After Megan went home to Orchard House, I asked Bow: "Did you like her?" He answered: "Yes. All ladies are good."