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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wednesday: A very good second day

Bow really likes Megan. He's told me so. He's told Lawrence so. He hasn't told Megan in so many words, but the proof is in his behavior. He hasn't given her any grief. This is her second day, and it went off without a hitch.

Megan stayed with Bow for three hours in the morning. Then Lawrence came in for a long lunch with Bow, and afterwards Bow spent another three hours with Megan.

I knew I could leave Megan and Bow alone when he agreed to use the potty with her. So far, no accidents. Not much language use, but he did write a little. He asked her to go outside, although he spelled it funny, not because he can't spell correctly, but because this is another way he has of testing people. He is reluctant to give too much away too soon. But they did go outside, and they came in again when Bow needed to use the potty.

Bow knows that he likes Megan, but he has trouble expressing what he likes most about her. When Lawrence asked him that, Bow let the sentence he was trying to form just trail away.

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