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Monday, June 7, 2010

"Why didn't the guy tell me it was spelled wrong!"

Sunday was a quiet day, no Megan, no Lawrence, just Sword, Bow and me. Mostly, we relaxed. Sword had her first horseback riding lesson in a while. I talked on the phone to friends and family, while Bow listened in. We went outside and enjoyed the green view and the clucking of  the chickens.

Before bedtime, Bow and I watched a video called "Panbanisha and the dog". Bow became very animated watching it. Panbanisha seemed to be having the same sorts of problems relating to that dog in the video, as Bow himself has with our dogs. After the video was over, Bow told me that he wanted Panbanisha to come visit him.

Today, Lawrence asked Bow if he'd had fun playing with Megan over the past week. Bow spelled: "Yes, I had fun playing with Magan[sic]." That's how he spelled it: M-A-G-A-N. Lawrence relayed that to me. (Lawrence knows how to spell Megan, so the error was Bow's -- yet more proof that he is spelling on his own.)

After Lawrence had left, Bow asked me in Hebrew: "Why didn't the guy tell me it was spelled wrong?" I wasn't sure why he was using the passive.  "Her name is spelled M-E-G-A-N, Bow," I said.

Only later, after dinner, when I was clearing the dishes did I realize what he meant. He meant that his way of spelling Megan's name was the correct way. The way everyone else spells it is wrong!


  1. Suzanne, yeah, it is a good video! Bow was very excited and vocalized while we watched it.