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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bow Likes his New Swing

Yesterday, Lawrence could not come to sit with Bow, even though it was a Monday. But he came in today, which gave me a chance to vote. I also picked up my third proof of In Case There's a Fox from the post office box. The missing illustrations were restored. The colors were not quite as vivid as before, though. I debated with myself back and forth and decided to approve for publication. It is now available to purchase here:

 In Case There's a Fox

When I got home for lunch, Lawrence told me that he asked Bow if he liked his swing. Bow spelled: "I like my new swing." He seemed to want to make a big point that the swing is new.

"Why do you like it?" Lawrence asked him.

Bow spelled: "Because I can hang." He likes to hang upside down from the swing. And so they went outside and Bow proceeded to "hang".  All is well with the world.


  1. That is nice Bow likes he swing. He sounds very smart.

  2. Thanks, Hubpages writer! He is very smart.