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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grandma's Here

My mother arrived last night, while Sword was at her musical event. Bow waited up for her until almost past his bedtime. He was very happy to see her and greeted her with gentle pants.

This morning, it rained. To say that it rained would be an understatement. There was a deluge. In this kind of downpour, Sword would have gotten a complete soaking, waiting for the school bus at the side of the road. My mother volunteered to stay with Bow, on the other side of the glass, while I drove Sword down my long driveway to the end of the property, and she waited for the bus to arrive before she got out.

Meanwhile, back at the pens, Bow used the potty and did not get off it till there was no more dripping! He was good for grandma!
Now grandma is in the kitchen working on Thanksgiving preparations, and all is right with the world.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Aya, Sword, Bow, Lawrence and your Mom!

  2. Thanks, Victoria! And the same to you! Hope you are enjoying the day!