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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday Bow used his chopstick to make his computer say "miles."

"Miles? What do you mean by that, Bow?" Lawrence asked.

At first Bow refused to answer. Then when he did, he took Lawrence to the glass and spelled: "You are going far away." It's true. Lawrence and his family have a cross-country trip to California planned next week. I guess Lawrence must have told Bow about it, to prepare him for the fact he won't be sitting with him at all next week.

Last  night when we were alone, I asked Bow: "Is that really what you meant when you said 'miles'? That Lawrence is going away?"

In Hebrew, Bow spelled: "Bow tried to talk on the machine, but it didn't work."

It's really hard to use that touchscreen. Even I can't always get it to say what I want it to.

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