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Monday, March 16, 2015

Enjoying the Weather

Bow had been cooped up for such a long time  that when the weather changed just recently, he immediately took the opportunity to sun himself out of doors.

Can you see how relaxed he is?

This is his favorite pose, lounging outside on his bench.

Meanwhile, this gives me a chance to explore what is going on outside.

I take the path down to majestic twin cedar.

As I get closer, I can see it better.

Closer still and other details emerge.

The birds are very active in the woods behind our house today.

And on the mossy ground right next to the woods, there are many nuts.

Some of them look almost edible.

But when I take the nuts in and crack them open ...

... there is nothing much there to eat, so we have oatmeal for lunch, instead. Oh, well.


  1. That cedar tree is truly beautiful.

    1. Thanks, Julia. It is the most prominent and majestic tree on my property.

  2. I saw the first snake of the season today, a little garter snake that either a bird or my cat had killed. It was lying half coiled on my driveway.

    1. Hi, Pam, I was wondering when snake season officially starts. I see it already has at your place, but I haven't seen a snake yet around here. Doubtless they will show up soon enough.

  3. There is something so therapeutic about the sun and its warmth, so I can totally relate to Bow wanting to be out in it!
    Your tallest twin tree though is a short leaf pine tree- very healthy pine cones in that picture too, which are a good indicator of its health! ;-)

    1. Thanks, Kathy, for setting me straight on that tree's classification! Woops... I guess cedars don't have pine cones, after all! ;)