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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Winter is Back

Winter is back. It may be here only for the day. It may be gone tomorrow. But for the time being winter is back, and the consequences may be with us all summer.

This is the sight that greeted me early this morning
Even though there had been snow flurries yesterday, not stuck to the ground, and so I hope the buds and flowers might still be unaffected. But this morning when I woke up there was snow on the ground, and more came after.

In the outer pen, the bench is now covered with snow. When I looked, even a tiny spider web under the bench, that I had not noticed before, was full of snowflakes.

I went to check on the daffodils, One my way to them this is what I saw.

The daffodils were bowing under a load of snow.

They did not look happy.

The forsythia blooms were similarly snow-capped.

No flower remained untouched.

I have not gone to check on the fruit trees, which are much further away from the house, because about the time I got to the daffodils, I could hear Bow displaying in the inner pen. He had been napping when I left to investigate,  but he noticed I was gone, and so I had to return at once and go back into the pen to make sure all was well. 

Now he is napping again. All is well. We will have to keep ourselves entertained indoors today, until winter leaves and spring comes back again, to pick up the pieces of what is left.

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