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Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Returns

The snow only lasted half a day. By late afternoon it had melted. Bow woke up from his nap, refreshed and ready to explore.

There is nothing like napping to help clear the mind.

He even went outside for a little while, but it was still cold, so he came back in and napped some more.

When Bow is not napping and we are stuck indoors, sometimes he likes to watch videos on Youtube. If I am watching something on my side of the partition, and he thinks it is interesting, he draws my attention, takes my hand and spells: " תני לי לראות" -- "Let me see."

He was very interested in a video about the effects that meditation has on the brain. When a picture of the brain came on the screen, he leaned in closer to see.

He also likes music videos.

The Sound of Music is one of his favorites. When Bow listens to music, he does not do it passively. He gets involved.  Bow lets the music sweep him away. But when the music is done, Bow sits down and watches the people applauding.

When not watching videos, Bow likes to groom and be groomed.

Bow likes to groom my face
The weather changes did not really phase Bow, because he has other things to do when going outdoors is not an option. But I wondered what the snow had done to the flowers and the buds. When I ventured out yesterday to check on the flowers after the snowfall, there was no visible damage from the snow,

The daffodils by the lagoon were fine.

I went out into the woods to look at the volunteer daffodils growing there. They were thriving and swaying in the breeze.

By evening last night we had a beautiful sunset.

In the dimming light, I could hear a symphony of croaking frogs. Frogs! What were they doing during the snow, the day before?

Nature is full of mystery. Somehow things survive despite the ravages of the seasons. Maybe it's because nobody helps them, and nobody notices if they don't survive. They just have to find a way on their own.


  1. Nature most definitely has a way of reclaiming thing. That is an amazing sunset, but the way.

    1. Thanks, Julia. I love that sunset!