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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday: What to do when your young charge....

Before I ever started this blog, I was writing on Hubpages. I liked it there, and I got tens of thousands of comments, and all was good. I was also starting to earn money there, and I thought it would be a good way to supplement the income for Project Bow.

The good thing about Hubpages was that it was an article site, so you could write about anything and did not need to limit yourself to any particular topic, as you might on a niche site, and you did not have to write serially or chronologically, like keeping a diary, as you normally would on a personal blog.

The other very good thing was that Hubpages gave a boost to your standing on Google, so that what you wrote would be found by anyone who was looking for your keywords. So even though Hubpages had "low prestige" I liked writing there, and I enjoyed the readers, the fellowship and the earnings.

But one day Google changed its rules, and they went and down-ranked Hubpages, and in response to this, Hubpages changed its own rules and did all sorts of crazy things to get into Google's good graces. And little by little, I have been moving my old articles away from there, except that there are so many of them that it takes a while.

Bear in mind: it's not because of what Google did to Hubpages that I am moving my articles. It's because of what Hubpages did in response: they started making all sorts of perfectly fine articles invisible in search by de-indexing them.

Below, I am sharing an old story about Bow that has been de-indexed. It was from when he was much younger, much more naughty, but also more talkative! (Note: This article is from about five years ago.)

What to Do if your Young Charge Poops into the Lock


  1. I am doing the same with my hubs as well and yes it takes time to move them all. Too bad most of those who commented on your post aren't there anymore.
    Animals are smarter than what ordinary people think. They KNOW how to get back on us for something they think or know is wrong. Duke, my dog, thinks it is not a good idea to miss his 4 o0clock canned food. He had an attack of Vertigo last year and tthrough that expereince we had to give him that and fresh meat and such. When we miss that time, he gets all his energy back and jumps up and down, paws at us and barks. Normally he doesn't have that kind of energy. I do have that Vertigo Thing on Hubpages still, but hardly any of my hubs gets more than 15 views.

    1. That's interesting about your dog Duke having vertigo and canned food helping. How does that work? I know a lot of older humans also get vertigo due to an inner ear problem. Can diet help with that?

    2. No it was not an inner ear infection. This is actually a disease. He would not eat anything and had lost 10 pounds within a month. So we had to give him cooked checken, rice and begetables. At first I had to feed him by hand. Then came the canned dog food because we needed to get him some of the kind that had Joint health in it becasue he would not eat anything that I put those pills in. He became very picky in his eating. We were afraid that he was going to just pass away on us. That is how scary this disease is for dogs. So now he is used to getting his canned dog food now. You can go read my hub about it all and the signs of that verses the signs of a stroke, which that is what we thought that he had.

  2. I moved a few hubs, but I am reindexing others. All of this takes work, and it is sad because the articles they decide to unteature all seem good to me. Also, I am perplexed because many of the articles Hubpages decides to feature daily on their site do not seem to be of a greater quality than old hubs they are deindexing. It seems pretty willy nilly to me. Besides that, I enjoyed reading your old hub, which is now a blog post. It is cool to see a picture of Sword when she was younger. Boy has time gone by since the Hubpages heyday, but it seems just like yesterday.

    1. Thanks, Julia. Glad you enjoyed the old hub. It seems like only yesterday to me, too.

    2. It used to be fun but now, I don't like it over there.

    3. Yes, I agree. The usefulness of that site has been greatly diminished.