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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Second Outing

It seems warmer outside, and the icicles hanging off the sides of the house at least indicate that some degree of melting is taking place.

I went for a walk after lunch, and there was still plenty of snow on the ground, though the sun was shining brightly.

In the woods, crows were cawing.

The pasture was still covered with a blanket of snow, but the air did not feel all that cold.

When I got back, Bow said he wanted to go outside, too. I was skeptical, but I took my camera along, just in case. This time Bow readily went out. The dogs were both there, too, Brownie digging up a storm and Leo trying to get our attention. Bow leapt onto the rim of the bench. The seat of the bench was still covered in snow. I was preoccupied with the dogs. Bow gestured to me. At first, I thought he was inviting me to join him on the bench. Then I realized he wanted me to move out of the way, so that he could go back inside.

Maybe tomorrow Bow will stay out even longer.

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