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Monday, December 16, 2013

Ice Melts But Water Is Still Wet

After the big snow, there was one day of school, and then school was canceled again on account of ice. The whole world became an icy paradise, beautiful, fragile and deadly.

All along the fence line of the pasture, little trees and shrubs stood covered with icing.

The mailbox was capped with ice.

The last remaining miniature rose was encased and preserved on ice.

Red berries also were coated with a shiny, transparent veneer.

Bow wanted to go outside, but it was too cold to venture out. Then slowly the ice began to melt. Today, it is melting in torrents.

Bow asked to go out. This time it was not too cold for him. Now it was only too wet! He faced another dilemma: how to step outside without getting his feet wet. The dogs were eager to play with him, and the swing and the bench were beckoning, but all Bow could do was stand on the ledge and display very carefully, lest he slip and his feet come into contact with water!

When he was done, he was done. We went inside, and Bow asked to watch the video of his exploits out of doors, which he found very interesting.


  1. I like the picture with your mailbox. It reminds me of the movie funny farm where Cheevy Chase moved out to the country to write a book, but the mail man never stopped to put the mail in the box, and just threw it out the window as he passed. I know yours does not do that, but the rural mail box just reminds me of that movie.

    1. Yeah, I think it is a nice picture. My mailman does deliver, but due to the condition of the mailbox and for other reasons, I get most of my mail at the PO Box.