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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Early Christmas Gifts

Yesterday was Wednesday. Lawrence brought some Christmas gifts for Bow. Next Wednesday is Christmas, and Lawrence will not come. He will be at home, celebrating Christmas with his own family. But he did not want to miss a chance to give Bow his gifts.

Usually, we put Lawrence's Christmas gifts to Bow under the tree, and then he opens them along with all his other gifts. But this year I decided it would be best to let Lawrence give his gifts to Bow early, so they could enjoy them together.

There were two gifts. The first was a red stuffed pull toy. It was shaped like a bone, with a handle on one side so one person could hold it while another person tugged at it with his mouth. I think this was a toy that was designed with a dog in mind, but Bow liked it well enough at first.

The second was a sock. Lawrence had to admit Bow liked the sock better!

This morning, Bow asked for both presents. He played with them both for a while, wearing the sock and brandishing the toy.

But he soon tired of the toy, whereas the sock kept him happy for a long, long time. He loved putting the sock on.

He loved adjusting the sock.

He loved walking around in the sock, and sitting and thinking with the sock still on.

And when he felt a little sleepy, he laid himself down on the floor and napped -- with the sock still on.

Which just goes to show that it's the simple gifts that give the most pleasure.


  1. Socks are a great gift for cold weather. I love wearing my warm and soft socks, which keep me warm without having to turn the heater on all the time.

    1. Yes, that is true. Socks can keep one much warmer. However, I think Bow does not wear the one sock he got from Lawrence to stay warm. He just enjoys it as a novelty and as a mark of affection.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Susan. A merry Christmas to you, too!