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Monday, December 2, 2013

Bow Gets a Catalog in the Mail

With Thanksgiving behind us, the next big holiday is Christmas. As an inevitable part of the Christmas shopping season, there is the junk mail for ordering seasonal gifts. Today, Bow was the only member of our family to get any mail. It was a Harry & David Catalog addressed to Mr. Bow Katz.

I don't receive any mail at this address. For one thing, there is a bullet hole in my mailbox and rain seeps into the box and soaks anything that has been left sitting there.

However, Bow has been receiving fruit baskets from his uncle for years now, on Christmas and on his birthday, delivered to our door. Seeing how much he enjoys fruit, Harry & David decided to send him a catalog, in case he wants to order some directly. When I told Bow about the catalog, he said he wanted to read it.

Bow found the catalog quite engrossing, but in the end he decided not to order anything.


  1. I sometimes get catalogues, but it is always the weird one with the gimmicky stuff that I would not want anyway. Now a days I order everything online, so really have no need for the catalogues. I was kind of annoyed to find a phone book sitting near the door when I got home because I feel I have no need for this now that phone numbers are online. It has been years since a phone book was delivered to my door, and the delivery is so random. I wish they would give us a way to opt out.

    1. Hi, Julia, I only just now saw your comment.

      I don't order from catalogs anymore, either. I also don't receive that many of them, as the businesses somehow know that about me. But I guess Harry & David were hopeful about Bow, since he receives those fruit baskets so regularly, every year.

  2. Loved this post Aya, it put a much needed smile on my face.

    1. Thanks, Susan. So glad it made you smile!