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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Five Christmas Presents

Today for Christmas, Bow only had five presents, but he enjoyed each and every one. Actually, I did not think he would have more than four, but it seems before he left, Lawrence left Bow an extra present under the tree. That was after he had already given Bow two other gifts, including that marvelous Christmas sock.

Here is what the gifts looked like before any of them were opened.

Bow looked out at his gifts, surveyed the loot, and then said he wanted the green one. I was a little confused. I didn't actually remember there being a green one. Sure enough, it was a surprise gift from Lawrence.

Here is a close up of the gift from Lawrence, in case you could not clearly see what it was in the video.

When Bow was done playing with the present from Lawrence, he handed the toy back to me and asked for the small present. The small present was a collector's snow globe that I was handed as a free gift at JC Penney's when we went shopping there on Black Friday.

I would never have actually bought Bow a snow globe, but since I had one, I thought I would give it to him. He handed it back to me when he was done. He was not nearly as impressed with it as one might have thought. Here is a close up of the snow globe.

Next Bow asked for the big blue present. That means, in his parlance, the biggest present that was blue remaining.

Bow really liked the rug I got him. He did not hand it back to me right away. Instead, he made himself right at home on the rug and did not ask for another present to open for a long time.

He got very relaxed on the rug.

He was so relaxed he actually closed his eyes. But eventually he did stir himself and decided to ask for another present. He did not, however, hand me back the rug. He said he wanted the blue present. At this point, there was only one blue present left.

The blanket was an even bigger success than the rug. Bow stayed wrapped in that blanket for a very long time, snuggled up on the rug.

More than an hour later, Bow started to take an interest in the remaining present: the gift basket from his uncle.

There was quite a selection of goodies.

Bow said he wanted a pear. I wonder if that was because only the pear was uncovered and easy to recognize.

The pear was very juicy and Bow enjoyed it thoroughly.

That pretty much sums up Christmas morning 2013 at Project Bow. We hope you are all having a very merry day!


  1. Rugs are always a nice gift. Actually, one day I would like to live in a house that has rooms with wood floors so I could buy accent rugs.

    1. Rugs are very nice! I have one I inherited from my grandmother in the living room. Unfortunately, it is not a wooden floor, so the rug lies on the carpet.

  2. I used to have a very nice tiger rug that I used on the carpet in my living room, but I just thought it would have stood out more if I had it on a wood floor.